Ancel PB100 Automotive Circuit Tester Power Circuit Probe Kit Electrical System Diagnostic Tool 12V 24V Voltage Power Scanner


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Ancel PB100 Automotive Circuit Tester Power Circuit Probe Kit Electrical System Diagnostic Tool 12V 24V Voltage Power Scanner

ANCEL PB100 Electrical System Circuit Tester Functions:

【What Is a PB100 Probe ?】The probe tester allows you to confirm voltage and ground signals in a typical DC circuit. The kicker is however, it also allows you to send voltage and ground as well. Acting like a test light that can power up circuits or supply a good known ground. This gives you the ability to test components and circuits effectively, without having to get out the old alligator clips and jumper wires. You can power up or ground a circuit right from the tip of the tool.

【What Can a ANCEL PB100 Do?】In fact, this is a very handy tool for lots of functional circuit tests. For instance, you can use it to power up a blower motor. you can safely run window motors, wipers, even rear window defroster grids. But be careful when powering up anything with a motor, and especially anything with a motor-driven linkage.

【Voltage Readout】On the led screen at the front of the tool it will show you the battery voltage when hooked up. This can be used to determine a ton of things. You can even do a very quick check on the alternator, hook it up and start the car…Voltage should go from around 12.6 volts to 14.0 give or take. This is also useful if you have a situation where a power feed has a large voltage drop, when checking fuses you may see low voltage on certain legs etc.

【Circuit Protection】The PB100 power probe has a built in 8 amp circuit breaker to prevent overloading and cooking a circuit. One thing to remember is unlike a standard test light this tool can send straight battery power down whatever you have it touching. Anytime you back feed a electrical circuit you need to know what you are doing. The breaker will protect the circuit, however 8amps is still enough to do major damage on the wrong wire.

【Trailer Wiring】A recurrent source of frustration for technicians nationwide, particularly those who service trailers subjected to road salt or saltwater environments. The long 20-ft. leads allow you to make your initial hookup directly at the vehicle battery while easily accessing the trailer harness connector plug at the rear of the vehicle.

ANCEL PB100 Product Function:

1. Work Mode

There are four modes to diagnose the electrical systems,which can be accessed by depressing the Mode Button and cycling through each one.

2. Voltage and polarity testing

3. Circuit Continuity Testing in Resistance mode

While the tool is in Resistance mode,using the probe tip with chass is ground or the auxiliary ground lead,continuity can be tested on wires and components attached or disconnected from the vehicle’s electrical system.When the probe tip is contacting a good ground,the LCD will indicate”0.0Ω” and green LED wiil be on,A beep tone will sound.

4. Activating components in your hand

5. Activating components in the Vehicle7

6. Testing trailer lights and connections.

7. Signal Circuit Testing

For example,you suspect there is a problem with your M.A.P.?sensor circuit,then follow the procedure involved with testing this sensor:

Set the tool in AC Voltage mode,using the probe tip with chassis ground or the auxiliary ground lead.

Connect vacuum pump to MAP sensor.

Contact the probe tip to the MAP sensor positive terminal and observe the LCD readings which should be a sine wave in normal condition.

Apply vacuum

Release vacuum and observe the LCD readings

8. Activating components W/Ground

Four work mode, multi function test

Voltage and polarity testing

AC circuit signal testing

Activating components in your hand

Activating components in the Vehicle

Testing trailer lights and connections

Testing trailer lights and connections

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