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Built-in Air Pump
Pressure Gauge
Flow Control Valve
Output Pressure 1-2 PSI 0.5-8 PSI 0.5-8 PSI 0.5-8 PSI
Output Flow 4 L/min 5 L/min 6 L/min 6 L/min
Weight 3 Pounds 4.88 Pounds 5 Pounds 5.13 Pounds
Accessories Service port adapter Cone leak detector & Intake adapter Cone leak detector & Intake adapter Cone leak detector & Intake adapter
Smoke & Air Only Smoke Mode Smoke & Air Smoke & Air Smoke & Air


ANCEL S100 Smoke Leak Detector is a universal and professional automobile pipe leakage smoke tester. It will help us position cars motorcycles leakage on pipe system quickly and exactly ,such as : Intake System Test;Exhaust System Test;Car Sealing Test;Various Pipe Fittings Test;Fuel Tank System Test.

Why choose ANCEL S100?

1.【Support Various System Test】This smoke machine is for all pipe systems Support EVAP. It is designed to detect the leakage of intake system, fuel system, exhaust system, cooling system and oil line system.

2.【Wide Compatibility】Suitable for all domestic cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, beaches. Cars, light trucks and speedboats, etc. Using together with auto diagnostic tool, you can find the vehicle problem accurately and diagnose engine fault.

3.【Powerful Function】Air-tightness Check, Evaporating Fuel Leakage Check, and Over-heat & Anti-frost protection. If it exceeds the working limit (Over 167°F) it will power off automatically. The evap smoke machine has its own air pump. It does not rely on other air machine and connect the detector with DC12V battery.

4.【Advanced Design】This machine produces far more smoke with superior wick and heating element. Inbuilt air compressor, Instant smoke generation. 4ft Smoke Outlet Pipe can help reach and connect perfectly.

5.【Easy To Use】The Smoke Machine Automotive with easy-use function and portable design, can help mechanic produce lots of smoke within 30s to detect the leaks in pipe system (by heating up baby oil). Dramatically reducing diagnostic time.

6.【Main Unit 3 Year Warranty】To ensure your high-quality shopping experience. There are 3 years’ warranty of the main unit from the date of the customer received the product and 1year warranty for accessories. (longer than competing machines).

Wide-range of applications

ANCEL S100 Advanced Technology

▶Crankcase System Test: excessive pressure or corrosion of the crankcase is the main reason to damage the seal of the crankcase and cause oil leakage.

▶Intake System Test: leakage in the air intake system will lead to insufficient intake of the car engine, which will result in scant engine power.

▶Car Sealing Test: poor airtightness of the car may lead to a lot of inconvenience like inability to keep warm dusty, not soundproof, and not waterproof , etc.

▶Fuel Tank System Test: possible reasons for the leakage of the fuel tank system: 1. There are gaps in the fuel tank and pipeline caused by improper installation. 2. The fuel tank cover is not sealed enough

▶Turbo Test: the leakage of coolant would cause the engine to report high water temperature.

▶Various Pipe Fittings Test: automobile pipes can be classified according to their functions: brake hoses, power steering hoses, cooling system hoses, air conditioning system hoses, turbocharger hoses, fuel hoses, intake and exhaust system hoses.

▶EVAP System Test: Leakage of the fuel evaporation system will cause fuel vapor to leak into the atmosphere, causing waste and pollution or unstable engine idling

▶Exhaust System Test: Unpurified harmful gases to be discharged into the atmosphere or increase vehicle noise is the main disadvantage when leaks happened in the exhaust.

Wide Range Of Applications

For detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars,motorcycles,snowmobiles,off-road vehlicles, ATVS,light trucks and speedboats,Suitable for all car models.

Notice: Maintenance technicians need a certain knowledge base of engine structure.


How to carry out leakage detection?

Step 1: Turn off the power to the car, remove the air filter and throttle connector. Note: If you need to test the EVAP system, you need to manually close the solenoid valve

Step 2: Pour baby oil between the max and min oil volume line, connect the power cord to the 12V car battery, choose the appropriate adapter cone to connect the smoke nozzle and the system.

Step 3: Press the air control switch, wait for 30 seconds, and listen for the squeaking sound to check whether there is a leak in the pipeline or not.

Step 4: Press the smoke control switch, when evident smoke is appearing from the smoke nozzle, reinsert the smoke nozzle into the adapter cone, visible smoke can help you pinpoint the location of the leak.

Step 5: Press the smoke and air control switch again to stop producing smoke and air, test is completed.


Unmetered air entering an engine will cause all sorts of lean conditions. You cannot see the leaks without the help of smoke. A vacuum line can just become porous over time but look ok. O-rings can become hardened and no longer seal. Plastic parts can be separated or cracked.

Exhaust leaks can be bad for your health and can cause backfiring in carbureted cars. You can use the S100 smoke machine to help find exhaust leaks, without running the engine and gassing yourself.

You can smoke test EVAP systems, vacuum leaks, low-pressure turbo leaks, intake manifolds, cooling / EGR / exhaust systems, worn rubber, gaskets, seals, connectors, and more.

In modern cars, many check engine codes are set off by an air/vacuum leak. Quickly dialing in the problem will save you time and money in a shop and help a home mechanic find the problem instead of just changing parts.


Thread on the evap service port adaptor to the evap emissions port as shown in the photos. Use the included tool to remove the valve stem. Attach your smoke testers and start testing! Included is a rubber hose end to conveniently connect to your smoke machine.


The ANCEL S100 has its own air pump,so it does not have to rely on other air machines. Connect the detector with DC12V battery , it can output lots of smoke within 30 seconds after on.


For detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars,motorcycles,snowmobiles,off-road vehlicles, ATVS,light trucks and speedboats,Suitable for all car models.

Overheat Protection
When the temperature of the device exceeds 75℃, power protection will be intelligently activated to turn it off.

Anti-frost Protection
The device can also work normally at -20℃.


1.When you use this ANCEL S100 Car Smoke Leak Detector for the first time, fill with 20ml oil . Please be careful NOT to beyond this range.

2.The testing liquid : both liquid paraffin and baby oil are OK.

3.Fresh oil can be filled with only when the smoke gets thin, and it can’t be filled over 20ml each time.

4.Before filling fresh oil, please pour out the left oil in the detector & replace the detector oil regularly.

5.During the process of leak detection, please keep away from smoke-sensitive parts.

6.Do NOT run the detector over 8 minutes continuously. It needs interval rest.

7.The detector has an intelligent protector, if it exceeds the working limit, such as over 75 ℃, it will automatically turn off the power. In this case, please operate it later.

8.The round part of this detector has temperature, please be careful to avoid burns.

9.If the test pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle, please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.

Using tips

▶Cannot test air conditioning ducts
▶Do NOT use the unit on smoke-sensitive parts. Eg. Lamp housing.
▶The equipment is compatible with mineral oil-based baby oil like Johnson&Johnson Pink bottles.

Pure #5 white oil is the best choice if available.

▶Always confirm Fluid level before use, if the fluid level is low enough to the bottom of the fillerport, it will need a refill.
▶For detecting the leakage of pipe systems on cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks, and speedboats. Suitable for all car models.

24/7 Technical Support Three-year Warranty


The 1/2 PSI pressure protects the vehicle from high pressure damage.



  • Spark-proof
  • Reverse polarity protection



The detector has overheat & anti-frost protection.

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