Baseus S2 TWS ANC Bluetooth Earphones True Wireless Headphones Anti Noise Cancelling Ear Buds with 4 Mic,Support Wireless Charge


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1.360° Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling

2.Optical in-ear detection,play when wear then and stop when take them off

3.Ambient Sound Mode for Small Talk

4.10mm PU composite diaphragm ,3D stereo type

5.New BES Wireless bluetooth 5.0

6.AAC/SBC high sound quality decoding

7.ENC dual microphone call noise reduction, clearer call

8.Support Wireless Charging

9.24hours powerful battery life

10.Support Voice Assistant and Touch Control

Hybrid ANC Technology

Hybrid ANC technology plus a hybrid digital noise cancellation chip allow-32dB noise reduction via real-time algorithms. giving you a silent world.

ANC True Wireless Earphones S2

Hybrid ANC;
Optical in-ear detection;
Smart ANC during calls;
Low latency AV synchronization;
Enjoy sound of nature;
About 24h of battery life

Turn on Hybrid ANC ,enter a Quiet World

Hybrid ANC technology combines feed-forward and feedback ANC.The dual miscrophone picks up external and in-ear noise respectively,and the moving coil emits anti-phase sound wave to reduce ambient and low frequency noise by up to -32dB

In-ear Detection Function

Put on headphones Auto play;
Remove the headset Auto pause

Ambient Sound Mode for Small Talk

Long press to enable ambient sound mode when you need to hear the outside world to make small talk and listen to a boarding announcement.

Clear Calls for a Pleasant Conversation

High-sensitivity MEMS microphones in a triple microphone array accurately pick up the sound while removing all kinds of noise, allowing you to talk like talking face to face anywhere.

BES Wireless 5.0 More Stable Connection

BES 2300YP chip and FPC antenna further enhance theRF performance, reducing delay 7,and stabilizing signals.

Low Latency for Enjoying Games

AV synchronization and low latency for videos and games allow you to launch a fast attack and control the battle at any time.

Never Get Tired of Pleasant Sounds

Precise acoustic measurement systems and AAC/SBC high quality decoding offer clear sound quality. 10mm moving coils and PU composite diaphragms ensure rich bass and more astonishing audio.

Enjoy Good Muisc All Day and All Night

Advanced Wireless 5.0 solution reduces power consumption and offers longer battery life.Give you about 7 hours of battery life on a single charge when ANC off and about 24 hours playback time with a charging case.

Wireless Charging Uttimate Convenience

The earphones are compatible with mainstream QI wireless charging devices, so that you can charge them by placing them on a wireless charger as truly wireless earphones

Touch Control All in Control

Touch the earphone to switch noise cancellation, pause and play, answer a call, etc. to replace phone operation and enjoy freedom.

01.The earphones adopt the noise cancellation technology of a front-feed and a back-feed ANC system. The noise cancellation effect is obvious in an environment with low frequency noise such as on airplanes and subways; while the effect on higher frequency noise is not obvious, such as human voices in the near distance. The actual effect varies depending on the user’s ear size, ear tips, ear canal structure, placement, chewing action, movement and other factors.

02.The highest noise reduction rating is 32dB, which was obtained from realistic acoustic human-like testing in the Baseus Laboratory. When ANC mode is turned on, you may be less aware of warning sounds in an external environment. Please use it in a proper environment for security.

03.Daily battery life is continuous playback time when using with the charging case. The data was obtained from the Baseus Laboratory.

04.When music is playing, in-ear detection function enables music to play or pause when you wear or take off the earphones through infrared sensors. The data was obtained from the Baseus Laboratory.

05.When ambient sound mode is turned on, ambient sound is clearer so that the user can perceive changes in the surroundings, and the effect is more obvious when music is paused. The actual effect varies depending on the user’s ear size, ear tips, ear canal structure, placement, chewing action, movement and other factors.

06.It is recommended to turn on ANC for the best call quality. The actual call quality may vary depending on placement, environments, movement and other factors.

07.Due to the difference in devices, delay time is about 0.2s, which meets the needs of daily use. All data is obtained from the Baseus Laboratory.

08.The battery life of the earphones refers to the longest continuous playback time per charge in ANC mode and combined battery life refers to the total playback time when the earphones in ANC mode and charging case are fully charged. The data was obtained from the Baseus Laboratory. The result was obtained from the test of playing SBC music in ANC mode at medium volume. The actual usage time varies depending on volume, audio source, environments and usage habits.

09.Please purchase qualified wireless charging devices. Please aim the charging area of the earphones at the corresponding area of the wireless charger properly. Wireless charging time varies depending on environments, using habits and other factors.





Baseus SIMU ANC True Wireless Earphones

Model No.:

Baseus SIMU S2





Communication distance:


Standby time:


Music time:

5 hours (70% of the volume, ANC On)

Music time:

6 hours (70% of the volume, ANC Off)

Music time with a charging case:

20~24 hours

Battery capacity:

45mAh/0.167Wh(earphones) 480mAh/1.776Wh(charging case)

Earphone rated input:


Charging case rated input:


Earphone rated consumption current :


Charging case rated current consumption:


Charging time:

about 1.5 hours

Wireless charging time:

about 2 hours

Frequency response range:


Charge interface:


Suitable for:

Compatible with all wireless devices





Model No

Baseus SIMU S2

Baseus SIMU S1

Baseus SIMU S1 Pro

Bluetooth Version




Standby time

300 hours

300 hours

300 hours

Music time

5 hours(ANC on)6hours(ANC off)

4 hours(ANC on)6hours(ANC off)

4 hours(ANC on)6hours(ANC off)

Music time with a charging case

20~24 hours

20~24 hours

20~24 hours

Battery capacity

480mAh/1.776Wh(charging case)

380mAh/1.406Wh(charging case)

380mAh/1.406Wh(charging case)

Charging time

about 1.5 hours

about 1.5 hours

about 1.5 hours

Wireless charging time

about 2 hours

not support

about 2 hours

Charge interface





Ambient sound,Hybrid ANC Technology

Ambient sound,Hybrid ANC Technology, Dual-core DSP processing chips

Ambient sound,Hybrid ANC Technology


4 microphones with noise reduction technology

2 microphones with noise reduction technology

2 microphones with noise reduction technology

Other features

Optical in-ear detection,
ENC during calls,BES 5.0,
touch control,
AAC/SBC quality decoding

Low Latency AV Synchronization
Hi-Fi Immersive audio
touch control,
AAC/SBC quality decoding

Low Latency AV Synchronization
Active noise cancellation
ENC during calls,touch control
AAC/SBC high quality decoding

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