FLYING BEAR 2022 LaserMan Laser Engraver Cutting Engraving Machine 32-Bit Motherboard Touch Screen WiFi Lightburn Wood


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Main Features:

1. Full-color touch screen: a new operating mode, no need to connect to a computer, all functions can be realized through the touch screen.

2. Air filtrationdevice: It can absorb and filter smoke during the engraving process to keep the room clean, while improving the accuracy of engraving and reducing the interference of smoke on the laser.

3. WiFi function: control the engraving machine through the web page, transfer the engraving file, the operation is convenient and efficient.

4. Newest laser module: up to 5.5w laser output power, compressed spot 0.08×0.1mm,It can cut 3 mm plywood and 6 mm pine board at one time.

5. PWM mode: Laser module adjustment range reaches s0-s1000, and it can be engraved and cut on paper, wood, and metal at will.

6.32-bit motherboard: fast calculation speed, powerful function, rich interface, easy to use

7. Higher speed: Engraving speedusually can reach 3000-5000mm/min. (If the engraving quality is not considered, the maximum can reach 10000mm/min).

8. Flame detection: If a fire occurs during the engraving process, the machine will automatically alarm and cut off the power supply.

9. Easy installation: Easy installation: Modular design, DIY kit suitable for novices, no tedious wiring process, simple and quick installation of the machine.

10. Larger engraving size:Engraving area 400x450mm (15.7×17.7inches)

11. All-aluminum structure: All parts are made of aluminum, light in weight and high in strength, no acrylic parts are used.

12. Operating software: LaserGRBL (free software) supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. LightBurn (paid software, supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Machine Parameters

Product Model FLYING BEAR LaserMan

Control Motherboard: 32Bit

Engraving Area:400mm*450mm(15.7*17.7inches)

Focal Spot Diameter:0.08*0.1mm

Engraving Accuracy:0.01mm

Machine Power : 40w

Electrical Power of Laser Module: 20W

Luminous Power:5~5.5W

Engraving file format:NC, BMP, JPG,PNG, DXF, etc.

Max Engraving Speed:10000mm/min

Engraving Material:wood, plastic, paper, bamboo,leather sponge paper, stainlesssteel, anodized aluminum, etc.

Support software: LaserGRBL(free,windows system),LightBurn(no free,window,mac)

Connection Method: WiFi,TF card,USB prot

Machine Size:780*610*157mm (30.7*24*6.2inches)

Net Weight:5.5kg(12 pounds)

Safety Warning

● The machine cannot engrave on mirror objects, otherwise it will cause secondary damage caused by laser reflection.

● Before using the machine, please wear protective goggles.

● Please use this product in a ventilated and clean environment.

● It is forbidden to touch the laser transmitter directly with your hands, otherwise it will cause burns.

● Children over 14 years old must be used under the supervision of an adult, and it is not recommended for children under 14 years old.

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