Hwfly Oled V4 Support Oled Console Upgradable and Flashable Original Full Set with Official Wholesale Price!!


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(1)Who are we? Our store?

The only one Official Hwfly Sales Store !!!

To be No 1 ! Top 1 ! To be best sales and serivce store !!!

Note:Please avoid the risks of copy,clone models and accessories! We only sell Original chips and accessories !!!

Our Porducts Introduce:

Note:The chip requires professional soldering personnel and professional tools !!!

Otherwise, the product will face a huge risk of being unable to be sold and repaired again. Please avoid your loss.We will 100% test and check each order before shipping !!!

V3 Chip:

Unflashable & Non upgradable, has stopped make,no suggest now !

But still keep work well with your console !

V4 Chip:

Flashable & Upgradable!!

The system train and reading speed need more faster, and compatibility needs to be improved !

The most popular style now,easy install for experienced welder !

V4.1 Chip:

Flashable & Upgradable!!

Fast system train and reading speed,best compatibility,sx ic !!

The most popular models in the future!! Easy install for experienced welder !

No suggest install for inexperienced welder and first-time installers !!!

V4.1 Chip Accessories:

(2)Price description?

Due to special reasons,Clone products,N checking,USD exchange rate and so on, Our prices change frequently,rising or falling every day,we do not accept make up the difference, We resist the behavior of maliciously raising prices during difficult times, please arrange the purchase time reasonably, I hope you can understand, thank you!

(3)How to choose the correct console chip model?

Please select the chip model suitable for your console(Check the back of your console), if you are not sure, please leave a message to me !!!

1)Hwfly V3 chip Unflashable & Non upgradable chip has stopped make,no suggest now !

2)Hwfly Core V4 chip work with big Normal console MOD.(HAC-001/001-01) !

3)Hwfly Lite V4.1 chip work with small Lite console MOD.(HDH-001) !

4)Hwfly Oled V4/V4.1 chip work with big Oled console MOD.(HEG-001) !

5)Hwfly V4/V4.1 Flex cables !

(4)Risks ???

Note:Connect to USB correctly

Hwfly V4: interface Insert (UP) print,same to the photo show,or be a risk of chip burning !!!

Hwfly V4.1:interface Insert ( arrow and Uv1-6) print,same to the photo show,or be a risk of chip burning !!!

Flash problem?

Note:All chip already has install latest firmware and flash again on pc by ourself as check again before ship out to you, no need flash by yourself again,only just need your professional soldering with your console, or easy bring risks !!! (V1 console need back to 0.24official firmware.)

If it is connected correctly but the PC does not recognize the chip,please check if your USB cable and PC system support it !!!

install guide?

Please contact our customer service on AliExpress, we will send tutorial pictures or video links for your reference.

If you are installing the chips for the first time or have no successful installation experience, please do not take risks, because it is easy to bring risks! !

Otherwise, the product will face a huge risk of being unable to be sold and repaired again. Please avoid your loss.We will 100% test and check each order before shipping !!!

We can’t accept any refund due to incorrect installed, and the reason of fake goods.

(5) Shipping, Declare, Sales service and After sales service ???

We test and check each order before shipping withturdy carton with bubble bag.

Shipping in 2 working days by Aliexpress official shipping.

If you need,please leave me message the declare value on aliexpress when you order,or default our declare,thanks.

Note: We will keep warehouse shipment information records and photos for easy service inquiry!!!

Note: Each product carries our special inspection mark to distinguish it from other sellers.

Professional after-sales team will help you solve all your problems.

(6) Payment methods:

If you have any problems with online payment methods, then we can accept offline payments,by your Chinese agent pay or directly to us,Save more,I think you can understand !!

(7)Distributor , Reseller and Partner:

1) Looking for our global agents,distributors and partners with Special prices and Exclusive services(Drop shipping,Batch order and Retail) !!!

2) If you have a Chinese agent, we can accept drop shopping and drop shipping, and you can enjoy special our local wholesale prices.

(8) Contact information get?

Contact with us On aliexpress service,email, wechat, whatsapp, telegram…

(9)New products and more share coming…

The last again:Your 5 stars review is very important to us, please don’t forget it, in our store, maybe it will bring surprise for your next purchase! !

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