Lathe Dro 2 Axis Digital Readout Display System + 2pcs Linear Encoder Linears Scale Dimensions 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900mm


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LCD Dro Set YH800-2V


Complete Machine tool 2 Axis Digital Readout Dro Set/Kit and 2 PCS 5u Linear Glass Scales Linear Optical Ruler for Milling/Lathe

Dear buyer, please note

1.This order are included one new dro VM600-2, it is 8 words display. 2 pcs 5u linear scales/encoder/sensor 50-1000mm. For example,50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650mm, 700mm, 750mm, 800mm, 850mm, 900mm, 950mm, 1000mm.

2. Like you choose 5u 300mm, the total length are 440mm, hoping you can know it. When you make order, leave the message for me, thanks.

3. The priceis not included the duty(tax) fee, hoping you can know it. If you order only one 2 axis dro, please confirm your linear scales can work with our 2 axis dro, thanks.

Dro digital readout functions

1:zero clearing
3:mm/inch mode
4:ABS/INC coordinate conversion
5: 200sets sub datum
6:power off Memory;
7:center of 1/2
8:liner error compensation
9:sleepping mode
10:Clear 200 sets Sdm datum;
11:ABS/INC mode
13:drilling of circumference
14:drilling of oblique line
15:machining of inclined plane
16:machining of circular arc
17:lathe function(match)
18:Rectangular lumen gradual processing
19:digital filtering
20:vibration filtering
21:Radius /Diameter fucntion
22: Lathe function
Dro digital readout display system parameter

1.Voltage Range: AC 80V~250V/50HZ~60HZ
2.Acceptable Signal: TTL
3. Plug: DB9
4.Acceptable resolution: 10um ,5um ,2um ,1um , 0.5um.
5. If yo order only one piece dro, please confirm your old linear scales can work with our dro.


1. It is new 2 axis dro VM600-2 ,smaller, better performance. Take less space on your machines.

2. We are factory, price and quality are good, can quick solve your problem, saving much tims.
3. can widely used for mill, lathe, drilling, boring, wire cutting machine.
4. We offer different type plug suite for different countries if need.

5U Linear Scals/Encoder/Sensor Parameters

1. Travel (measuring) length: 0-1000mm / 0-40inch
2. Total (overall) length: Travel length + 140mm (0-1140mm)
3. Plug: DB9
4. Resolution: 0.005mm(5u)
5. Input voltage: 5V
6. Grating pitch: 0.02mm (50LP/min)

7. Cable length: 3 Meter

8. Normal size: About 22*34

The Signal of 5uLinear Optical Ruler/Linear Glass Scales/Linear Encoder/Linear Sensor

Pin 2 Black 0V

Pin 6 Green A

Pin 7 Red 5V

Pin 8 White B

Picture of 5U Linear Scales/Linear Encoders


Question: How to make payment?

Answer: You can make payment by Credit card as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal etc. In Aliexpress, there are many ways to pay, do not worry about it.

Question: If I need 589mm, 780mm, Can I?

Answer: Yes, you can, we can offer you, we are manufacturer, we can customize.

Question: I need 1u(0.001mm) and 1200mm, Can I?

Answer: Yes, you can, we can offer 1u(0.001mm) and 50-3000mm linear scales, please contact us first. Needextra fee.

Question: If the goods damaged in delivery, how should I do ?

Answer: When we send you, we checked carefully. If damaged, do not make dispute or negative feedback. Please contact us first, send pictures or video. Wewil help you fix this problem, help you repar or send replacement. We will help you when the order finished.

Question: How to install DRO or Linear scales?

Answer: We will send you English user manual in package.

Anyway, if you have any questions, contact us first. Please. You are satisfied with our products, please leave the 5 stars, thanks, if not, we will do our best.

Why buyYHdigital readout systems?

1.Systems increase productivity, save time and provide higher precision by translating the values measured by linear encoders, length gauges, rotary encoders or angle encoders into an easy-to-read format.
2.They can be installed on new equipment or retrofitted to machines already in operation.
3.Systems work with any machine where axis slides are traversed manually.
4.Data interface allows for additional processing or printouts of the measured values (most models).

Why buy 5uYHLinear Encoders?

1.Eliminate machine tool position errors caused by thermal expansion, deformation of the drive mechanics, pitch issues and more.
2.High long-term speed stability.
3.Sturdy construction and high resistance to vibration.
4.Finer signal periods offer highest interpolation accuracy.
5.Compact, lightweight and easy to install.
6.Durable and dependable—functions properly even after many years of operation.
7.Sealed or enclosed linear designs available.

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