OTTOCAST U2 X Wireless Android Auto Apple CarPlay Adapter 2 in1 Carplay Smart Box Plug Play Multimedia Player for Toyota Mazda


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OTTOCASAT Official Description

Hello.Dear consumers:

U2-X is a 2-in-1 adapter that combines wireless CarPlay (CP) and wireless Android Auto (AA). Especially for users who have both Android and iphones,wireless connectivity is enabled.

At the same time, it is important to remind that the realization of wireless AA also has requirements for the Android mobile phone system, please refer to the last picture for consultation.

If you have any other questions, please contact the customer service staff directly, thank you again for your love!


1.I have an Android car, can I use U2-X?


Whether or not the U2-X can be used depends on whether your car has built-in CarPlay. Because U2-X uses Apple’s wired CarPlay protocol.

2.I’m still wondering, my car has built-in CarPlay, but no Android Auto, how does the U2-X achieve wireless Android Auto?


After U2-X starts, it will have two modes of wireless CP and wireless AA. Therefore, after the U2-X is started through the wired CarPlay channel of the original car, you can switch modes freely.

3.My wife and I have separate Apple and Android phones, can we use both?


Unfortunately, wireless CP and wireless AA can only operate in one mode at the same time. And each switch needs to disconnect the last connected device first.

4.My phone is a Xiaomi phone, can I use U2-X?


Very good question! If you need to use wireless AA, please pay attention! caution! Requires an Android phone with Android 11 and above to work.

So please read the last picture carefully!

5.My phone is Android 10, can I use the U2-X wireless AA?


If your phone model is not in the list (the list is in the last picture), ordinary Android 10 phones cannot use the wireless AA function of U2-X.

6.My car has Android Auto, but no carplay, is there a way to use it?


Very regrettable! There is currently no way, because U2-X is started using the CarPlay protocol of the original car.

7.Can U2-X watch video in wireless CP or wireless AA?


Can’t. Neither wired nor wireless CP/AA can run video applications. If you want to watch the video, you can learn about our Ai Box.

8.Why is the screen different after I use wireless AA and when I use wired AA?


Some cars will have both CarPlay and Android Auto functions, and the size of the screen displayed by the two in operation is different.

When using the wireless AA in the U2-X, the screen size will follow the screen size of the original wired CarPlay function.

The reason is that the U2-X is launched via CarPlay and this situation cannot be adjusted.

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