RadioLink RC4GS V3 2.4G 4CH 5CH 7CH 400M Distance Remote Controller Transmitter + R6Fg Gyro Inside Receiver for RC Car Boat


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RadioLink RC4GS-V3 2.4G 4CH 400M Distance Remote Controller Transmitter + R6Fg Gyro Inside Receiver for RC Car Boat

Code matched wirelessly.
Each transmitter has a unique identity code of its own.
The receiver will search and bind with the nearest transmitter while pressing the code match button on it.
Receiver with gyro interated to hold the vehicle in aa straight line during aggressive acceleration and braking or get bumped around by rough terrain.
Receiver with gyro integrated to keep the uni-direction and anti-slip.
There is no need to match again in future use once it matched successfully.

0.5us regular jitter: You can have an excellent experience.
Language self-setting: choose your ideal language
Gyro Sensitivity self-setting:Gyro sensitivity can be adjust by CH3 which default controlled by VR switch to maximize or minimize the functions of gyro
2S-4S Li-Po power supply and Low-Battery Warning : battery light flashes when voltage drops to unsafe levels.And it can give you more choices.
Anti-polarity connect protection intelligent: It can give you a protection when you make it wrong.

Modulation mode: GFSK
Channel resolution: 4096, the regular jitter is 0.5us
LCD screen: 128*64 resolution, LCD back light
Model type: RC car/boat
RF range: 2.4GHz
Channel: 4
Transmitter operating voltage: 4.8-15.0V DC
Transmitter operating current: 80-120mA
Low voltage alert: Yes(lower than 4.6V), can be set when using 2S-4S Li-Po battery
Receiver: R6FG(included)
R6FG/R6F operating voltage: 3.3-10V
R6FG/R6F operating current: 30mA
RF power: Control distance: more than 400 meters ground(without interference)
Controller power: 4 * AA battery (battery NOT included)
Controller weight: 313g(11.06oz)
Remote control size(L*W*H): 21.3 * 11.7 * 11.5cm

Package Information:
Package size: 26.5 * 20.5 * 14cm / 10.43 * 8.07 * 5.51in
Package weight: 582g / 1.28 lb
General box package

Package List:
1x Radiolink RC4GS-V2 Transmitter
1x R6FG gyro inside Receiver
1X manual
Original Pack Box

Q1: What battery is suitable to work with RC4GS/RC6GS? What’s the voltage range?
A: The JST connector of RC4GS/RC6GS can be easily adapted for various battery, including LiPo battery of 2S to 4S and 6pcs of AA batteries. The voltage range is 4.8V to 15V.

Q2: Does RC4GS/RC6GS have telemetry function?
A: Yes. RC4GS with firmware of V6.0.1 and above/RC6GS with firmware of V6.0.0 and above is capable of returning signal strength, RSSI, RX voltage. If work with RadioLink receiver R7FG/R8F, vehicle voltage can also be returned. However, telemetry of motor speed and temperature is NOT available yet.

Q3: Can RC4GS/RC6GS control TRAXXAS or twin-engine RC cars?
A: Sure. RC4GS/RC6GS is a perfect remote control to all types of on-road electric powered or gasoline cars and twin-engine cars, tracked vehicles, crawlers, drift cars, tractor trucks, nitro cars, mini cars, sailboats, fishing boats.

Q4: How to setup dual ESC with RC4GS/RC6GS?
A: Select whichever two preferred channels and refer the PROGRAMMABLE MIX CONTROL setup part in the user manual of RC4GS/RC6GS or click below link for the detailed steps to setup mix control

Q5: How many models RC4GS/RC6GS can store?
A: RC4GS/RC6GS can store 10 models data at most.

Q6: What are the compatible receivers to RC4GS/RC6GS?
A: The standard packed receiver of RC4GS is R6FG while that of RC6GS is R7FG. Both of these two pistol grip radios are compatible with R6FG, R7FG, R8F, R6F, R4FGM and R4FGM is specially developed for mini cars.

* All RadioLink transmitters are not open sourced and can only bind to receivers developed by RadioLink. Vice versa.

Q7: How to do the binding between RC4GS/RC6GS and receivers?
A: All the binding of RadioLink transmitters and receivers is the same. Power on the products, long press the binding button on the receiver and release, the led indicator always on means the binding is done. Click the tutorial video to learn more

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